Thursday, June 08, 2006

Life With No Sleep

I would love to read a study about sleep-deprived individuals. I think our house fits within that category!

We each got 2 hours of sleep last night! You see, I didn't get back from Traverse City (which is so beautiful!!!) until 10 PM. Then, Karen Jr. was so excited for us to go on our trip to Manhattan. So, she took her shower and then I took a shower (after riding in the plane all day - yucky!). Apparently, she had been chomping at the bit to pack all day. We started packing her suitcase at 11 PM. We weren't just packing for this trip, we were also packing for Bentwater! We were finished packing her all up around midnight. I gave up on trying to figure out what to put in her carry-on and that is where Billy stepped-in to guide the packing. I had to unpack my suitcase just to repack my suitcase. I was done packing around 1 AM and then was so awake that I didn't fall asleep until after 2 AM. Wouldn't be so bad, but we the alarm went off at 4 AM so that we could leave the house by 5 AM.

You will never believe this, we were actually sitting in the Prius and backing up at 4:59 AM out of the driveway! That NEVER happens in our house ( or not with two girls about to leave for NYC). Karen Jr. woke up to her alarm and had her clothes on, teeth brushed and hair pulled back before I even thought it was time to go get her!! She told us that she hadn't slept at all and I know that is true as I heard her in the room talking to her stuffed animals or playing tic-tac-toe in the air with them!! Amazingly, they win sometimes at the game :-)

We got to the airport just fine. She is eating Wendy's and I just had a bagel from the President's Club.... we are chilling and watching the planes land and take off out our prime window view!!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in NYC!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Will I Crack Under the Pressure?

Well, I made it! I have had a crazy week and it is only Wednesday (12:28).

- Yesterday, I gave a two hour speech in front of 150 people.
- Today, I worked non-stop from 8 AM until 2 PM. You see, I had a 4 PM flight from Houston to Detroit and then on to Traverse City, Michigan. I am a lot like my dad as I believe you should be to the airport at least 2 hours early. Well, I wasn't even leaving work until 2 hours before my flight! I made it to the gate in the early stages of boarding! I had a 2 hour layover in Detroit (The NWA World Traveler Club is really nice) and then on to my flight for Traverse City. I arrived at my hotel at 11:53 PM. This has been a very long day!

So, how will I possibly crack under pressure? I flew all the way up here for a two hour meeting on Wed. and then will fly home and arrive at my house around 10 PM. Well, Karen Jr. and I are leaving the next morning (Thursday) at 8 AM for a long weekend in Manhattan!!! As she told Billy, "Can you say Bankrupt?" He doesn't trust us on our own.... boy is that the wrong place to send us alone or what? Well, I have a presentation due on Monday at 8 AM. Not just any presentation, a 15 slide presentation and won't have any information until after my meetings tomorrow.... how much work can I get done on the plane home and the plane up to NYC? I sure hope a lot as I WANT/NEED a Vacation!!!

Hopefully, I will post tomorrow on what Traverse City is like!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A fun-filled Saturday

Our house was mighty lazy today! Billy woke up at 7 AM to feed the cat and then we all fell back to sleep until 9:00!! We didn't do a lot and then at noon decided that we better do something, so off we went!!

Our first stop was Sonic! Here was the order: Large tater tots and Coke (Karen Jr.), Kid's meal grilled cheese (Karen), and grilled cheese with mozzarella sticks (Billy). Then, we were off to the library. Karen Jr. signed up for the reading club and read 2 of the 20 books she needs to read in order to get a trophy at the end of summer!! Of course, I read magazines while Billy learned French online (we have to get ready somehow!!). After that, we went to Target for clothes shopping. You see, Karen Jr. is all excited for Summer Camp at Bentwater with Mimi and PawPaw J. In fact, she wrote them a card on Thursday to tell them how excited she was and that they needed to IGNORE all of my rules that I had given. Rules are as follows: (1) No playing with Adi; (2) No sleeping with Adi; (3) They aren't allowed to spoil her (4) No chocolate chip cookies and ice cream at night; and (5) No golf cart rides! Can you believe she didn't like those rules? Oh well!!! She is very excited and asked today if she could pack her bags for Summer Camp today!

We are going to Church tonight and then off to dinner. Billy is golfing in the morning, so we are going tonight!


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hump Day

We made it to Wednesday!! A couple of cool things for today:

1. On this one tank of gas in my brand new Prius, I have gone 412 miles and still have about another 75 miles!

2. We are at the middle of the week!

3. I spent some good quality family time with my family watching X-Men III

4. I had a super nutritious dinner of a small bag of popcorn with extra butter on the top... yummy!! Of course, a large Diet Coke. Have you ever noticed that? You can order a heart attack on a plate and then say..... Diet Coke, please! You know, save those extra 150 calories for dessert!!

As you can tell, not a lot going on..... But, I sure am glad it is Wed.

Oh yes, have any of you ever been to Traverse City, Michigan? I just found out that I am going there next week for less than 24 hours!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Rainy/Cloudy Day in Katy

It has been a really rainy/cloudy day today! We woke up and went to church and then stopped off at Sam's Wholesale. I love Perrier water and you can get 24 bottles for $12.87!

Afterwards, Karen Jr. went down the street to play with the neighbors and Billy mowed the yard right before the rain started! I stayed inside and washed clothes, dusted and went through my magazines for recycling.

Now, we are getting ready to go to a pool party, which will be indoors at the home of my boss. It should be fun. He just put in a new media room and surround sound. I think the guys will be entertained, for sure!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Wonderful Saturday!

Yesterday was absolutely a fun day! I woke up at 4 and went to the airport and made it home from my RT flights around 2 PM. I stopped off at the Sonic after leaving the airport. Have you ever eaten at a Sonic before? It is so yummy! They have the best grilled cheese sandwich on Texas Toast. After that, Karen Jr and I went to look for her a swimsuit and running shoes. Well, we found a lot more than that! We bought two swimsuits, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of Crocks and socks! She is set for summer.

Speaking of Crocks, I have never seen them before. Last weekend, Karen Jr and my mom were talking about them. Apparently, this is the NEW thing! They sure look comfortable to me.

Then, we went to my niece's high school graduation and her parents treated us all to Olive Garden. My belly was totally full afterwards!

We just put the brownies in the oven and then we are off to a neighbor's party. They just completely redecorated their downstairs - - granite, hardwood floors, bathrooms and everything! I must be honest.... I cleaned my house so well this morning. You see, I knew what would happen. I would go over there and then come home and wish I had new stuff.... So, I am at least coming home to a VERY clean home!!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Four Day Weekend!!

Yeah, it is a four day weekend! I am so excited that it is finally here! So, what all am I going to do during the four days?

Friday - Fly to Austin for 2 hours to turn around and come back home, go see Billy at work, get Karen Jr. a new swimsuit and go to my niece's high school graduation.

Saturday - Get a tan at our gym that has an outdoor and indoor swimming pool with two huge curving waterslides and go to our neighbor's house for dinner. They just had their kitchen redone with granite, etc.

Sunday - Go to church and get a tan again (if I am not burned to a crisp!) and then go to my bosses' house for a pool party. No, I won't be in a swimsuit. There is just something odd about wearing a swimsuit around people you work with.... No thanks!

Monday - Hmmmmmmmmmmm..... not really sure!

Enjoy your evening and talk to you tomorrow!!