Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crazy Day and Insomnia!!!

Well, today was absolutely nuts! It started with my BlackBerry/crackberry going off at midnight last night as if the world was coming to an end! So, I got into the office this morning at 6 AM and left at 9 PM. What a day!!! Well, I had to put together a 20 page PowerPoint presentation today and email it out this evening. Of course, that is for pre-reads and that gives people a chance to look over it.

But, I am really excited! I get to sleep this weekend!! Yeah. Okay, I know that sounds really funny. But, I am a terrible insomniac. Have you ever seen the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein?" Well, it is really funny and the dialog is great. There is a scene when this dialog happens:

Friend: "So what do you do when you sleep?"
Jessica: "I don't sleep, I am a terrible insomniac."
Friend: "How long have you been that way?"
Jessica: "Oh, since birth really"

Well, I have been an insomniac since 8th grade! In high school, I would go to sleep at 10 PM, wake-up at 2 AM and watch TV and do aerobics, go back to sleep at 5 AM to wake-up at 6 AM and go to drill team practice and then cross country or track afterwards. I used to not sleep and go into work at midnight and then go to the gym at 5 AM to work out and shower to go back to work. Crazy, I know.

So, why do I get to sleep? I am going to my in-laws this weekend. The second I get there, I fall asleep on the couch and just sleep like all the time! I had to tell them and reassure them that I do not have narcolepsy and that I really do like them and don't sleep to avoid them!! They are really great people!!!


Blogger Jim said...

Karen, I'm finding out about you now-a-days. Blogs are good for something.
I will get my sleep at the end of the month when we go see Aunt Lois and grandpa.
Aunt Lois talks and talks (don't you, Lois?). My self thinks she is a mother figure telling bedtime stories. I go right to sleep.
I do that driving too, even when she is in the back seat talking with Mom.

8:19 PM  
Blogger jwkoncape said...

Karen: That's a lovely picture of you and your mom. I noticed you said at New Year's that you drink a lot of Diet Coke. Do you suppose that could have anything to do with your insomnia? I gave up coffee a few years ago (and I cut way back on other caffeine). Now I seem to sleep much better. Runninghelps too, doesn't it?
--the other Jim

7:32 AM  

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