Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hump Day

Today is Wednesday!!! Things have been absolutely nuts here lately.

On Monday, I went for a great 5 mile run! But, I must admit that I have been really bad on the Diet Cokes lately. My team has been churning out slides like they are about to outlaw them soon. I just found out that I am going to two international spots next month. One will require a 17 hour plane ride. At least, I will be in first class for that long of a time. But, it will be lots of work once I get there - - - meetings, going out, etc.!! This group likes to work hard and party hard until 2 or 3 AM and then be back to work by 7 AM.

Did anyone hear about the car chase today in Houston? We have flat screen TV's that hang on the wall all around where I sit. It was definitely interesting to see all of the roads this person went down. We were all just waiting for the traffic to begin on I-59 and sure enough.... it did!

See you tomorrow!


Blogger Radical One said...

hey karen, thanks for stopping by my blog.

yes we love the new mustangs gt. i've always kinda been a car person and when this retro look came out i thought it was the greatest thing. i hear they may be working on the camero and a dodge too. but can't beat the mustang gt, i my humble opinion.

i admire runners and your endurance. we are doing martial arts to try and keep this ole body in some kind of shape. it's been fun, but they tell us as we advance we've got to become runners to build more endurance. it will be a new thing to me.

thanks again for stopping by and i will get back by yours soon.


7:43 PM  
Blogger THE SCRIBE said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. Gez, my last email had tons of spelling mistakes. Glad to hear you went on a run. Running, there's not much that tops that for me. Read an interesting article about running up hills. The article said by running on a grade of 3% or greater you will use 25% more muscle, which in return means burning more calories and a harder work out. The article then went on to say, that by running up hills you decrease your risk of injury by 23%. Gotta get back to my blog and do some up-dating, things aren't totally in order, Mike...

7:45 PM  
Blogger Dieter said...

Good for you on the 5 mile run!

I had a good chuckle over your comment about the elliptical machine and your husband. I know what you mean. Before my daughter was born, my husband and I used to go to the gym together and use the cardio machines side by side. He'd look over at my numbers and then point at his. I'd be out of breath, looking like I just came out of the ocean and he'd be delicately wiping away the ONE bead of sweat on his brow. His numbers were ALWAYs at least 75 calories higher than mine! Men! :)

6:51 AM  
Blogger jwkoncape said...

Good run! I have gotten out of the running mode and need to get back to it. It is so hard to get going again after a layoff. It doesn't help that it has been below freezing up here in Massachusetts. I'll use your run as inspiration.
What kind of presentations do you give at your international meetings?

7:43 AM  

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