Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Turn To Return A Favor!

I am feeling much better today. I think 24 hours of sleep did the trick!

However, I am sure I did not help things much though by being outside this morning for 4-5 hours! But, I had an Alaska sweatshirt on (thank you mom and dad - - you know those sayings: 'My parents went to Alaska and all I got was this sweatshirt!') a long sleeve shirt, jeans, a bunch of Kleenex in my pocket and lots of medicine in my body!

So, how does that return a favor?

Well, today was the Houston Chevron Marathon. My husband and I had several friends running this morning and when we woke up at 6:30 AM, we decided to go down there and cheer on our friends! We got to the first stop and saw one of his friends (who was on target for a 3:15 finish) and then the other buddy who was on target for a 3:40 finish, which was their goal. Both of them completed New York in November. I looked for three of my friends at that first stop who were on target for 4 hours. We never saw them (this was at the 25k point). So, we went on to mile 22. There, we saw the buddy who was on target for 3:40 and he was going to do 3:30 and he looked super strong. But, there was no sign of the other friend or my friends. Right about then, his buddy came up and he was hurting. I felt so bad for him as he was in lots of pain..... He went on and finished in 4 hours.

At this point, I still hadn't seen my friends and I was starting to worry as they were all on target for the 4 hours. So, we stayed and cheered on people. Here is a tip: If you run a marathon, put your NAME on your shirt in big bold letters!!! We love to cheer people on and want to say a name instead of 'go runner!' Just as we were about to leave, my husband said, "there she is!" She was hurting and at this point was on target for 5 hours (way behind her goal). So, I ran with her for a bit - - jeans, high heeled loafers, sweatshirt and long-sleeve shirt. We did the small chit-chat to help pass the time. Talked about our families, etc. After we got to a certain point, I told her she was looking good and she had just 3 miles left! At this point, I turned around and went to find my husband who I just left without saying anything to and went to run with my friend.

So, how is that returning a favor? My first marathon was when I was in high school. You see, I am the youngest of 5 children. My family is extremely competitive! My dad and my big brother, Mitch who has posted on my blog before, ran the very end with me and cheered me on! My dad has done it in several other marathons since that first one as well!

Have a happy Monday tomorrow!!


Blogger Jim said...

I don't know which time was the most fun. I enjoyed being your supporter. I still like to get involved, when are your going to race run next?

9:44 PM  
Anonymous hrh diana said...

Giving and Receiving are both important. We couldn't do without our friends. You are a special friend.

10:44 PM  
Blogger jwkoncape said...

Goood for you. We Buddhists say that when I do someone a favor I derive more benefit than the other person. I had a similar experience when I ran my first (and only) marathon. A friend I hadn't seen in years recognized me and ran along when I needed it most. Glad you are feeling better.

5:19 AM  
Blogger Dieter said...

You really know how to cheer people on and give them that extra push.

It's good to see that you're feeling better. I know how frustrating it is to be sick. It just keeps you from doing things you want to do.

6:44 AM  
Blogger THE SCRIBE said...

Mu goal is to do a marathon one day. They have a run from Tahoo to Auburn in Cali that is 100 miles, I forget the name of it right now, but it used to be just for horse riders. Take a look at my blog if you get a chance and leave opinions or comments if you wish, Mike...

2:55 PM  

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