Monday, January 02, 2006

Written Goals - An honest inner view!

Yes, here comes my 'manager' personality. As we all know from MBA (or business school) and HR consultants that all goals should be 'SMART.'

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achievable or Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Tangible

Also, written goals are more likely to be achieved compared with goals that you are remembering 'in your head!'

So, here we go:

  1. I would like to get back on track with the healthy eating plan (Mediterranean type foods - - fish, hummus, chicken and turkey products) from my doctor. It really was great and most would consider it the way we should eat. I was having horrible stomach problems and he said this would solve everything... Well, they did when I stick to it. I wear a size 0 (size 25 European style) and they are a bit snug for going into the new year given my December travels. The things I love about holiday gain is that it seems to go away when I get back to my normal running and eating routine.
  2. Like I said in my profile, I work 70 or 80 hour weeks and have been known to work until 3 AM come home to sleep a bit and shower to only be back to work at 7 AM. I would love to cut back to a 'more appropriate' work week - 55-60 hours. My theory on working long hours is this: (a) There is too much work and not enough people or (b) others, including myself, are not using the hours during the day efficiently. Being a manager, this often happens. You deal with everyone's problems and work and then they leave at 5 and you still have your work to do!
  3. Not be as addicted to my Blackberry (or crackberry as my husband calls it). Being that I deal with locations in London and Singapore, I am constantly getting emails (and sometimes) calls all through the night. My goal here is to not go to bed checking my email (usually done around 1 AM) and wake-up checking the blackberry (5 AM). Also, leave the thing in the car when I have dinner with my family. They can not stand me typing emails while we are going to dinner as a 'family.' Can't say I blame them, it does cut down on 'quality family' time!
  4. Get back into long running. The last marathon that I ran was New York. I have been saying that I wanted to run the 'Texas Foursome.' Maybe this will be the year. You ask, what is the Texas Foursome? November = San Antonio Marathon, December = Dallas Marathon, January = Houston Marathon and February = Austin Marathon. I will get back to you as I need to study the Runner's World marathon guide by month. Also, my goal is to run marathons in the 50 states! I have achieved two of them. On a side note, I have been to all states except for Alaska!
  5. Keep doing yoga, pilates and elliptical trainer. We have a wonderful gym. I love it actually - indoor and outdoor pool with waterslides and everything. Anyway, we go to the gym pretty much 5 times a week (I do the elliptical trainer, so that I can watch Nancy Grace).
  6. Find a Sunday School class. Currently, we go to church every Sunday or Saturday night. However, we don't have a Sunday School class. That is my MAIN goal this year. This helps me to also put things in perspective and keep focused during the week.
  7. Keep cooking. As I said, I love to cook gourmet meals. I just made Macadamia encrusted mahi mahi last night. This is a great family time activity as well - - I just can't follow it up with cookies afterwards!
  8. KICK THE DIET COKE HABIT. Yes, I drink 120 oz of Diet Coke every day. I will run 17 miles and then come in and grab a Diet Coke. How awful is that?! While I realize cold turkey is not an option (wouldn't you love to be around me then), I will do my best to go down to 20 oz. a day and this will be around lunch time!

There we have it, written goals! Don't get me wrong, I don't think they will all be achieved every single day beginning tomorrow; however, I am going toward them as if I will!

Stay tuned!!!


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