Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hockey- I sure do love hockey!!

I am not kidding, I really do! Tonight, we went to the Houston Aeros hockey game as they played the Iowa Stars! It was a really good game - - we sat in the Attack Zone (they were shooting on our side twice) and on row 4!! They had a great deal in which each ticket was $28, but you got a free parking pass, $10 worth of food vouchers and a ticket at center ice in the Club section!

My best friend, Kelly, and I used to have hockey season tickets. We had them for 3 years straight and it was SO much fun! We would wear our 'sweaters' (jerseys, but my hubby says the real name is a sweater) and go to all of the home games. Of course, we just loved looking at those cute, teethless boys!!!!

Yeah, can you believe we made it to the weekend (well, almost)!!!

Another thing.... I went last night to get my husband an iPod with video screen for his b-day. Well, he decided that isn't what we wanted.... So, I am at a loss now for a present. While there, I bought me (yes, I went originally for him) an adaptor so that I can listen to my iPod in my car. I LOVE it!!! The only bad thing, I haven't been able to remember turning my iPod off and I keep running the battery down. Oops!! My husband has always said that underneath this brunette hair of mine that I am really blonde!


Blogger Jim said...

Hi Karen. I'm glad you got to go see the Aeros. They are really good this year.
Speaking of tickets to things, we used to have a lot of fun at those Aeros games with you once in a while. And I had fun at the Astros game the time I used your ticket. I can't find my picture or it would have been on my blog.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

OMG! I love hockey too. The Lubbock Cotton Kings used to be awesome. Not so good now, but hey it's still a blast.

Riggles runs his battery down all the time too and he is very dark headed.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Happy birthday to Billy! Hope you come up with another gift.

Gotta start turning it off Karen!! Keep that battery from going down.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Dieter said...

Hi, Karen!

I'm a big hockey fan also. I grew up in Canada so the love of hockey was ingrained into us from childhood. My favourite team: Toronto Maple Leafs. Haven't won the Stanley Cup since '67 but I still can't help but love them!

11:34 AM  

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