Saturday, June 03, 2006

A fun-filled Saturday

Our house was mighty lazy today! Billy woke up at 7 AM to feed the cat and then we all fell back to sleep until 9:00!! We didn't do a lot and then at noon decided that we better do something, so off we went!!

Our first stop was Sonic! Here was the order: Large tater tots and Coke (Karen Jr.), Kid's meal grilled cheese (Karen), and grilled cheese with mozzarella sticks (Billy). Then, we were off to the library. Karen Jr. signed up for the reading club and read 2 of the 20 books she needs to read in order to get a trophy at the end of summer!! Of course, I read magazines while Billy learned French online (we have to get ready somehow!!). After that, we went to Target for clothes shopping. You see, Karen Jr. is all excited for Summer Camp at Bentwater with Mimi and PawPaw J. In fact, she wrote them a card on Thursday to tell them how excited she was and that they needed to IGNORE all of my rules that I had given. Rules are as follows: (1) No playing with Adi; (2) No sleeping with Adi; (3) They aren't allowed to spoil her (4) No chocolate chip cookies and ice cream at night; and (5) No golf cart rides! Can you believe she didn't like those rules? Oh well!!! She is very excited and asked today if she could pack her bags for Summer Camp today!

We are going to Church tonight and then off to dinner. Billy is golfing in the morning, so we are going tonight!



Blogger Jim said...

Hi Karen

We don't have rules like yours. Of course Karen Jr. will do all those things plus swim and I don't know what else.

My Sonic is limited because of my diet/eating plan. When I go I usually have a steak sandwich on toast with no mayo. Then I put mustard on it myself. My drink will be a medium chocolate malted. I might consider something else if we have a coupon and it is a bargain. These fixed incomes, you know.


8:58 PM  
Anonymous Go Girl said...

Sounds great that a fella with a French surname is learning some French. It is disappointing that all francophiles can't go on such a great trip!! By the way, the shrimp and crab pistolets are great at The Boiling Point restaurant when you need a break from the Sonic.

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Mimi said...

I believe there is a saying that goes like this, "Whatever happens at Bentwater stays at Bentwater."
Right, Karen, Jr.???

9:58 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

What harsh rules!! I'm sure she will enjoy her visit and get to do all those things and more and have a great time at it!

8:35 PM  

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