Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Weekend - It finally got here!

Hello! It is a beautiful Saturday morning outside. It is currently 55 degrees and will get up to 78 and no clouds can be found! I just love weather like this.

The last few days have been crazy. I worked last night (Friday) until 7:30 and then we had 'family' night!

We are trying to plan our day and include as much outdoor time as possible. Where we live, there are great bike trails with viewing platforms. Sometimes, you can see alligators at the viewing platforms. We go to church on Saturday nights and then usually out to dinner with either friends or as a family. Sushi is usually our favorite!!!

Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

TiVO - Can it be a lifesaver?

Hi there! Yeah, it is Wednesday and just two more days in the week. I just got back from a great 4 mile run. The weather is absolutely incredible here in Houston.

Many of my neighbors are having parties to watch the USC vs. Texas game tonight. I must admit, I am not a huge Texas fan. There is just something about UT (no, I am not an Aggie either) and the people that attend the college. I will admit that I am some what on the liberal side and you would think that I would then like Austin/UT; however, I just don't!

So, how does TiVO relate to all of this. Well, it doesn't! I got a call today at work (yes, I left at around 6:30 and that isn't bad) from my husband. He bought us another TiVO with a DVD player and recorder all in one. I really like a lot of TV shows, but am never home to watch them. So, TiVO is a huge lifesaver! I can watch an hour program in 30 minutes. If you think about it, I can watch so many more shows in a much less time. Also, my husband networked our two TiVOs. This will allow me to watch in bed whatever was recorded in the family room and vice versa.... pretty neat! Also, we can now record two shows at the same time. Really, I am not a huge TV person; however, this does make it really nice when you are working really late (like I always seem to be) or you are out of town or better yet... out on the town!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy Tuesday

Well, it was so hard to get back into the groove of work and all. Everyone kept asking me how the Bahamas was at Christmas time. My response - wonderful and I wish I was back there sitting on the beach, taking a nap and drinking that fruity drink with the umbrella in it. Oh well, back to reality.

So, how am I doing on my 'resolutions?' Actually quite well, thank you for asking! I did wake up at 5 AM to check my crackberry (oops, I mean blackberry) and found five messages. There really should be a law against people in other time zones sending an email BEFORE it is a working day time in the time zone you are sending the email. I actually drank water and did not die!! That is a shock. Do you know when the last time I drank water was? Well, it was exactly 3 months ago. Yep, three months of nothing but Diet Cokes and other things. Well, not today. I had 64 oz of water, Chicken Caesar Salad (with my own dressing) and then a Diet Coke! That would really put my body in shock if I didn't just have one.... yes, I only had one!

Dinner was really good and I actually LEFT the office at 5:30. That was such a great feeling. Don't really know how long that will last, but I will definitely take advantage of it while I can!! We cooked this evening.... 4 oz filet mignon (I was a vegetarian for a while and then added back red meat once a week and chicken at lunch), mashed potatoes from scratch and mushrooms! I love mushrooms. Of course, a great 1/2 a glass (4 oz. pour - I think :-)) of Pinot Noir.

For those that don't know (probably no one since I haven't told anyone about my blog!), I am a member of two wine clubs. My husband and I went to Napa and SF last December. While there, I joined the wine clubs I get wines/sparkling wines sent to me each month from Sterling Vineyards and Chandon. It is really great! It gives me a good excuse to cook new recipes and have friends over for dinner.

Well, I am off to be a 'good' wife and watch the FSU and Penn State football game. Of course, that is for 5 minutes until I get bored and read all of my latest 'gossip' magazines that came in the mail today!

Have a great evening!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Written Goals - An honest inner view!

Yes, here comes my 'manager' personality. As we all know from MBA (or business school) and HR consultants that all goals should be 'SMART.'

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Achievable or Attainable
R = Realistic
T = Tangible

Also, written goals are more likely to be achieved compared with goals that you are remembering 'in your head!'

So, here we go:

  1. I would like to get back on track with the healthy eating plan (Mediterranean type foods - - fish, hummus, chicken and turkey products) from my doctor. It really was great and most would consider it the way we should eat. I was having horrible stomach problems and he said this would solve everything... Well, they did when I stick to it. I wear a size 0 (size 25 European style) and they are a bit snug for going into the new year given my December travels. The things I love about holiday gain is that it seems to go away when I get back to my normal running and eating routine.
  2. Like I said in my profile, I work 70 or 80 hour weeks and have been known to work until 3 AM come home to sleep a bit and shower to only be back to work at 7 AM. I would love to cut back to a 'more appropriate' work week - 55-60 hours. My theory on working long hours is this: (a) There is too much work and not enough people or (b) others, including myself, are not using the hours during the day efficiently. Being a manager, this often happens. You deal with everyone's problems and work and then they leave at 5 and you still have your work to do!
  3. Not be as addicted to my Blackberry (or crackberry as my husband calls it). Being that I deal with locations in London and Singapore, I am constantly getting emails (and sometimes) calls all through the night. My goal here is to not go to bed checking my email (usually done around 1 AM) and wake-up checking the blackberry (5 AM). Also, leave the thing in the car when I have dinner with my family. They can not stand me typing emails while we are going to dinner as a 'family.' Can't say I blame them, it does cut down on 'quality family' time!
  4. Get back into long running. The last marathon that I ran was New York. I have been saying that I wanted to run the 'Texas Foursome.' Maybe this will be the year. You ask, what is the Texas Foursome? November = San Antonio Marathon, December = Dallas Marathon, January = Houston Marathon and February = Austin Marathon. I will get back to you as I need to study the Runner's World marathon guide by month. Also, my goal is to run marathons in the 50 states! I have achieved two of them. On a side note, I have been to all states except for Alaska!
  5. Keep doing yoga, pilates and elliptical trainer. We have a wonderful gym. I love it actually - indoor and outdoor pool with waterslides and everything. Anyway, we go to the gym pretty much 5 times a week (I do the elliptical trainer, so that I can watch Nancy Grace).
  6. Find a Sunday School class. Currently, we go to church every Sunday or Saturday night. However, we don't have a Sunday School class. That is my MAIN goal this year. This helps me to also put things in perspective and keep focused during the week.
  7. Keep cooking. As I said, I love to cook gourmet meals. I just made Macadamia encrusted mahi mahi last night. This is a great family time activity as well - - I just can't follow it up with cookies afterwards!
  8. KICK THE DIET COKE HABIT. Yes, I drink 120 oz of Diet Coke every day. I will run 17 miles and then come in and grab a Diet Coke. How awful is that?! While I realize cold turkey is not an option (wouldn't you love to be around me then), I will do my best to go down to 20 oz. a day and this will be around lunch time!

There we have it, written goals! Don't get me wrong, I don't think they will all be achieved every single day beginning tomorrow; however, I am going toward them as if I will!

Stay tuned!!!

Resolutions, are they for real?

Why is it so hard to keep up with a resolutions? Face it, it is so easy to make excuses. There are so many other things that I would 'love' to start doing. So, stay tuned to future blog postings for my resolutions. This is pretty cool, I can put them all out there and see what happens! Another reason could be that I have been to London and the Bahamas all within the month of December and spent almost a week in each places. So, I am used to the 'holiday living' and not 'reality' living! I am accountable to well, anyone that reads this - - or should I say, maybe no one since no one is reading this!!! Good bye!