Saturday, January 14, 2006

Still Sick and my Nano

I think I mentioned it toward my first blogs, but I had a really really bad cold, flu.... something! Well, for three weeks I have still had the congestion. Yesterday, it decided to get worse and be almost as bad as I had it the first time. I have been in bed all day today and only getting up tonight to look at the beautiful moon.

I have taken all kinds of medicine, drank plenty of water to flush my system, put menthol stuff under my nose just to breathe and did a bunch of nothing all day. My husband says the reason I am so bad is that I never let myself completely get over it the first time. I was in bed for four days toward the first of the year, but since then have been on the go non-stop. Well, I am resting today.

Last November at work, they gave us all nano iPods. My husband sat at my laptop today (it is in the bedroom with the other three in other rooms of the house) and loaded my music on it for me! Poor guy, that is how bored he was since we couldn't do any of our plans. He would put in a new CD and then we would go through the songs with me laying there and him at the computer desk. We loaded 256 songs and I have just filled up half of it!! I am so excited - - I have the best running songs on it!!! I go from 70's disco songs all the way to hip hop and Hillarie Duff with a great stop at the 80's in between!

I just need to kick this so that I can get out there and run or even go to the gym!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

How old am I really?

Funny title, I know! But, if you were to ask my TiVO (remember, we have two), I think it would tell you that I am in my mid 60s to 70s! Yes, I am really only 31. So, why would my TiVO and my HUSBAND both say I am that old? Well, my favorite TV shows are Matlock, Beverly Hillbilies, Keeping Up Appearances (British comedy) and Leave It To Beaver! I kid you not! I was in 'hog heaven' last night when I came home and saw that I had 5 Beverly Hillbillies, Matlock and Leave It To Beaver. Of course, I won't tell you the other things on there that I like (Beauty and the Geek, Elimidate, Blind Date, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, etc.) . I really am that random on my TV shows.

Movies are apparently a totally different subject. If you look at my profile and movie choices, I would fall into the 15-18 year old range for a couple of them and a hopeless romantic for the rest.

All this time, my husband had said he swore that I was born 30-40 years too late (I am 31)!

This morning (you know, I couldn't sleep), I woke up at 4 AM and watched the Beverly Hillbilies episode where they think Mrs. Drysdale had turned into a crow!! That is my favorite episode. I have seen it at least 5 times and still laugh (while quoting the show) as if it was my first time to see it!

Then, I went to work and got there at 6:50sh..... nothing but PowerPoint today!!! If you ever have a question on PowerPoint or want to make a cool slide - - send it my way!!!

Have a great weekend.... talk to you tomorrow! Y'all come back now, you here!!! (courtesy of the Beverly Hillibies).

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Crazy Day and Insomnia!!!

Well, today was absolutely nuts! It started with my BlackBerry/crackberry going off at midnight last night as if the world was coming to an end! So, I got into the office this morning at 6 AM and left at 9 PM. What a day!!! Well, I had to put together a 20 page PowerPoint presentation today and email it out this evening. Of course, that is for pre-reads and that gives people a chance to look over it.

But, I am really excited! I get to sleep this weekend!! Yeah. Okay, I know that sounds really funny. But, I am a terrible insomniac. Have you ever seen the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein?" Well, it is really funny and the dialog is great. There is a scene when this dialog happens:

Friend: "So what do you do when you sleep?"
Jessica: "I don't sleep, I am a terrible insomniac."
Friend: "How long have you been that way?"
Jessica: "Oh, since birth really"

Well, I have been an insomniac since 8th grade! In high school, I would go to sleep at 10 PM, wake-up at 2 AM and watch TV and do aerobics, go back to sleep at 5 AM to wake-up at 6 AM and go to drill team practice and then cross country or track afterwards. I used to not sleep and go into work at midnight and then go to the gym at 5 AM to work out and shower to go back to work. Crazy, I know.

So, why do I get to sleep? I am going to my in-laws this weekend. The second I get there, I fall asleep on the couch and just sleep like all the time! I had to tell them and reassure them that I do not have narcolepsy and that I really do like them and don't sleep to avoid them!! They are really great people!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Police

Tonight, my husband and I went to a Greek restaurant. It was really great and I finally was able to cure my Baklava craving! I took two bites and brought the rest home!

On our way home, a police officer was casually going along beside us down the feeder with no one else in his car except him. Once we got to the stop light, he turned on his sirens and went through the red light. After that, we lost sight of him. We cruised along and came to another light. I looked over to my right and there was that police officer and he was parked in a Mobil gas station. He had his back door open and there was an escaped jailee still in his orange uniform sitting in the back seat (with the door still open). Shortly after (while the light was still red), they drove off . You never know what you are going to see!!!

We are so excited, my husband got a new job offer. This is a really great thing (he does IT) for him and we will be a Manager. The only problem is that this job is so good that when we go to live in London, I am not sure what will happen! Oh well, we will cross those bridges in the future!! In the mean time, we are celebrating!!!!!!

See you tomorrow!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Princess Diana Exhibit

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

This is a picture of my mom and me! She is a new year's baby.

On Sunday, we celebrated her (belated)birthday by going to lunch at Ruggle's Grill. I absolutely love their food. It is a cafe version of a pricey restaurant here in Houston. My two nieces, daughter, husband, mother and father were all in attendance. After eating, we went to the Museum of Natural Science and to see the Princess Diana exhibit.

I have always been a Princess Diana fan! As a child, I woke up early in the morning to see her wedding and years later her funeral.

The exhibit was really great. They had her wedding dress (with the 25 foot train) and a lot of her evening dresses and clothes/suits! When my husband and I got married, my daughter wore ballerina slippers. She actually still goes everywhere wearing those ballet slippers! Anyway, she was so excited to find out that Princess Diana's flower girls also wore ballet slippers to the wedding!

We had a great day and finished it by eating Italian Cream Cake at the park! I have a link to my father's blog as he went in to more details. The guys were not allowed to attend the exhibit with us! Girls only!!!! So, my husband and father went to Best Buy and Marble Slab. Here is a picture of all of us at Ruggle's Cafe.

Everyone is in this picture except my husband (he is taking the pic).