Thursday, January 26, 2006

Karen Goes To Cooking School, Again!

Everyone is a winner!!!! The pictures were of me in London! The first one is of me on the London Eye! I have been there about 7 times and just love it!

Why did I say that 'Karen Goes To Cooking School, Again?' When I went to Chicago in October for a business trip, I went to the Marshall Field's cooking school. Tonight for my mom's belated birthday, I took her to the Central Market here in Houston for a French cooking class! It was so much fun and so yummy!! Here is what we learned how to make:
  1. Petatou de Chevre Frais (Warm Potato Goat Cheese Cake with Nicoise Olives)
  2. Saint Jacques, Endive Braisees au Jus de Biere et Homard (Pan-Seared Scallops with Braised Endives and a Light Beer & Lobster Broth
  3. Plat de Cote de Boeuf, Garniture Forestiere, Pates Croustillantes et Sauce au Vin Rouge (Beef Short Ribs with Forestiere Garnish & Crispy Pasta & Red Wine Sauce
  4. Oeufs a la Neige aux pralines (Floating Island with Pralines)

It was stretched over 3 hours and I am soooo stuffed!! I will have to practice up my culinary skills!!!

Happy Friday tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Where in the world is Karen?

Yes, I know that I took the Matt Lauer and Waldo saying for my 'title.' I am sure they won't mind though.

If you have read my dad's blog right before Christmas, you know where I am! This was on my last business trip. I am sure the second picture totally gives it away! Of course, it might not!!!!
Have a great day!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Tulips on a Monday

Well, we all made it through Monday!!! That is always a 'good thing' as Martha says.

When I got home today from work, I came into the kitchen and my husband had bought me a dozen tulips!!! I just love tulips. They are the same color as this font. Also, he bought some yellowfin (sushi grade) tuna and organic spinach..... I guess you can tell what we had for dinner!!! I like my tuna lightly seared (about 1 min. on each side) or raw and Billy cooks his all the way through. For dessert, he had creme brulee and I had a Petit Four and some chocolate mousse!!! All of this sure did help make up for my super long day at work yesterday and today!

The vet said that Amber has lost two lbs. and that had her concerned. Amber weighs 9.25 lbs. She can only eat Fancy Feast (because of her age) and believe me, she is loving that! Today, the vet called to tell me that Amber's calcium levels are high and that isn't a good thing. It could be an indicator of cancer or infection. Billy and I think that she is okay and instead she just needs her two teeth extracted. The vet said they will test her blood again after she has fasted. Before Amber's surgery, I am going to have an ultrasound done on her heart to ensure it is healthy enough to proceed with the surgery. My good friend's cat died from heart complications while having teeth removed. The vet has been really nice and she called me back three times to answer my questions! Billy thinks she is just trying to keep me from bursting into tears, again.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Weekend.... where did it go?

Hi there- I can't believe the weekend is already over!! Where did it go?

  • Amber and I went to the vet. They told me that she is 13/14 years old and expect her to live to be around 15/17. Well, I burst into tears. I don't think they were quite expecting that type of a response!
  • We went to see the movie Hoodwinked. It was really funny! A good animated movie and something we all laughed at and enjoyed.
  • After the movie, we went to the gym. My husband and daughter went swimming and slid down the slides while I ran 4.5 miles.
  • My in-laws came over as they just bought a brand new Honda S2000. It is a FAST car!
  • I met a friend for dinner at PF Chang's.... yummy!!!! Since I no longer work downtown, I don't see her as often as I used to. It was great to just catch up and gab!!! Of course, the spicy shrimp was great.
  • It was a very fun day and definitely so nice to just get outside and do things!


Not much to say at all about Sunday....... It was not at all what I had envisioned! I woke up at 4:45 and started working at 5 AM. I worked until 8:45 at the kitchen table and then went to work and was there at 9:30. My poor husband, our printer cartridge ran out of ink and he was the first customer at Target this morning in the rain at 8 AM to get a new one so I could print out some reports. I stayed at work until 5 PM and then came home and finished working until just now...... YUCK!!! Well, I am off to catch up on some Z's....