Thursday, February 02, 2006

My Husband and more Bahamas

This picture is of me and my husband at the One and Only Ocean Club Resort. He played golf that day. This course is absolutely beautiful! In fact, I saw Oprah and Barry Bond's house while we were there. My husband is an incredible golfer. In fact, he almost got a hole in one on this course! it went and rolled around the cup to just stop a couple of inches from the hole. On that same day, Tiger was playing this course. Everyone kept asking my husband if he played with Tiger and just was in awe - - of course, it was close to the club house where everyone could see him to do this! By the time he got to the hole, everyone was standing around to tell him what happened and what he almost did! Some day, I will talk about my family and my brothers - - they are all incredible golfers, also!!!

The picture above is of the swimming pool. This is where Jason Priestly (from Beverly Hills 90210) got married this last year. You just sit there and they bring an Evian water spritzer to come freshen your face! When you walk up, they have every latest magazine you can think of!

This picture shows the gardens and is looking up from the pool! What a view!!!! Our one year anniversary was December 20th. I will have to tell you sometime how we ended up 'running off' to get married!

My husband said that I need to share more about me rather than just put my random thoughts on my blog.... So, watch out!!! Just kidding!! I graduated from Baylor University, I can't have that many secrets!!!

Well, today was my Friday!!!!! I am taking tomorrow off for a 'girl's only day!' Should be fun!!!! No telling what we will do! Watch out mall, here we come!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Did you think I fell off the planet?

Well, I have not fallen off the planet - - YET!!! Just kidding!! If I do (don't come looking for me), I will be at The Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas!!

This is where my husband and I went for our one year wedding anniversary! I absolutely loved 'doing nothing.' Tomorrow, I will put a picture of the golf course at The One and Only Ocean Resort. This is where we went to while there, as well.

Every day for a week, I sat on the beach and did nothing! I must have taken three naps a day and just listened to my mp3 player and read magazines.

I think I have said it before, but I love gossip magazines. I must confess that I subscribe to over 17 magazines a month! YIKES!!! Some of these are weekly magazines (Star, US Weekly, In Touch, People, Life & Style and OK). Needless to say, I had lots of magazines to read while on the beach. The other magazines I get are (not all of them, but some): Southern Accents, Gourmet, Bon Appetite, Food & Wine, Time, Runner's World, In Style, Shape!!, Fitness..... you get my drift!!! Aren't those a lot of magazines? It is a good variety, at least. To be honest, I am not quite sure how I get them all read in the week while working 60-70 hour weeks. Somehow, I manage!!!

See you tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Already to Sunday!

This has been a wonderful weekend! On Friday, I went to a going away happy hour for a person at my work. It was held at a steakhouse.

Yesterday was a busy day! We woke up at 6 AM and I was out the door by 7:45 to have my hair cut and colored! I love spending the morning at the spa!! Then, I went to visit my grandmother afterwards. I brought her favorite with me: McDonald's Double Cheeseburger, Dr. Pepper and a valentine's heart Reese's Peanut Butter Cup! We had a great visit!! Then, I went to a wine bar and met a friend for a glass of wine and afternoon snack. We sat there for about an hour and just gabbed! It was great to see her and visit! Last night, my husband and I went to Luby's for dinner. I must be honest, I really do not care for Luby's. But, the things we do for love!!

Today, we went to church. Our preacher is conducting a 8 week series on marriage. Today's title was "A Blueprint for the Husband and Wife." Then, we went to the bookstore for me to read up on Singapore. After that, we went to Central Market to get groceries for the week. I just had lunch (yes, it is 4 PM) which consisted of salmon (with a raspberry dressing) and wilted spinach!!! It was so good!!! We are about to head off for the gym.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of our NYC trip. Jim's comment reminded me that I could talk about my favorite city!!! The picture of me rowing is from Central Park!

Have a great Monday!!