Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm Back - Calgary Recap

The weather in Calgary was absolutely beautiful! This is the park that I walked around on Saturday and went jogging. The trail is wonderful. People are out here at all hours of the day/night. I played it safe and went during 'peak' times. This trail goes for miles and right along the river. Just a beautiful path. Jim, I must admit that I am not sure how you run in the cold weather. I am definitely spoiled here in Houston!

Here is a picture of downtown Calgary. My hotel was the Sheraton Eau Claire Suites in Calgary. It was a great hotel and so perfect in distance to everything!
Yikes! Look at the 5 fire trucks! On Sunday, I woke up at 6 AM to the fire alarm and didn't understand what was going on. I walked out in the hallway and saw that it was going off all over. So, I went back and put my passport and other things in my purse. Just as I was about to put on warmer clothes (I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts), the alarm got louder and faster. They came on a speaker and said it was indeed a fire and we needed to go down the South stairs immediately! So, off I went with just my t-shirt, shorts and no shoes! Thank goodness that someone offered my a jacket. I was outside until 7:15 when they said if you were on floors 10 and lower, you could go back to your room. Everyone was okay and that is the great news! After 9/11, I do not waste time on wondering 'is it real or should I go down.'

I had a late start with the fire to go to Banff and ski, but I was on my way and arrived around 9:30. Stay tuned!! Tomorrow, I will have my Banff and ski pictures on my blog!!

Have a great Saturday!!!