Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Billy!!

Today is my husband's 36th birthday!! I love it when he has a birthday as that makes him 5 years older than me! We have had quite a busy day, already! We went to CVS Pharmacy for me to develop pictures, Target for two DVD's that he wanted (10 Things I Love To Hate About You and some other movie), McDonald's for breakfast and Kroger for me to get a cake mix!!!

I just wrapped his presents and we are now off to see the Pink Panther! Then, we will come back so that Karen Jr. and I can make his yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting.... Yummy!!

Then, we will go to Guadalajara for dinner with my parents!!! On Tuesday, we are going with his parents to the Rodeo to see George Strait and sit in the suite!!!

I will post pictures either tonight or tomorrow!!!

Happy weekend :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hockey- I sure do love hockey!!

I am not kidding, I really do! Tonight, we went to the Houston Aeros hockey game as they played the Iowa Stars! It was a really good game - - we sat in the Attack Zone (they were shooting on our side twice) and on row 4!! They had a great deal in which each ticket was $28, but you got a free parking pass, $10 worth of food vouchers and a ticket at center ice in the Club section!

My best friend, Kelly, and I used to have hockey season tickets. We had them for 3 years straight and it was SO much fun! We would wear our 'sweaters' (jerseys, but my hubby says the real name is a sweater) and go to all of the home games. Of course, we just loved looking at those cute, teethless boys!!!!

Yeah, can you believe we made it to the weekend (well, almost)!!!

Another thing.... I went last night to get my husband an iPod with video screen for his b-day. Well, he decided that isn't what we wanted.... So, I am at a loss now for a present. While there, I bought me (yes, I went originally for him) an adaptor so that I can listen to my iPod in my car. I LOVE it!!! The only bad thing, I haven't been able to remember turning my iPod off and I keep running the battery down. Oops!! My husband has always said that underneath this brunette hair of mine that I am really blonde!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Since my last entry, things have been crazy!!!

I will try to keep it relatively short, but here we go......

First - A huge disappointment occurred, Karen Jr. and I had to cancel our 'girl's only' trip to Disneyland over Spring Break!! I am not sure who was looking more forward to this trip - - her or me! Lesson learned: Always buy the $50 of travel insurance!!! I am not sure what we will do now. Probably, we will go to Dallas or San Antonio!

Second - Because of all the hard work, my boss got us tickets to the suite for the All-Stars game! That was great to see here in Houston. Man, those guys can play!!! We had 14 people in the suite with all you could drink and eat.... yummy!!!

Third - We had to keep Adi for the last 4 days. She is so sweet. Really, she is my dog..... but, my parent's have always kept her after her first year. She slept with her head on Billy's pillow and Amber slept with her head on my pillow! My dad had a stent put in. I went up to St. Luke's hospital to sit with my mom during the procedure and then saw my dad before going back to work.

Fourth - I practiced Jim's relaxation techniques on breathing deeply right before a nervous situation! At work, I am on this program called an 'emerging leader.' There are only a few that are chosen for this. So, I had dinner last week with the entire executive leadership team one night and then the next day presented my career 'aspirations.' It is really a pretty neat program, but I was nervous!!! There were 12 pairs of eyes on me and then they asked questions and then I left the room so they could talk about me. After they talk for 5-7 minutes about you, you come back in the room and they talk to you about how they will help you get to where you want to be in your career!

Fifth - My grandmother turned 89 years old!!! On my dad's blog, he put the pictures. I woke up Sunday morning at 7 AM to clean a little and bake my grandmother a birthday cake. Then, I iced it and decorated it with the cake decorating tips and all. It was so yummy! Billy and I went to church and then we came back home to go eat at Luby's with everyone!

Well, I am back in action and promise it won't take so long for me to update!!!

Have a great Wednesday/Thursday!!!