Friday, March 24, 2006

A Friday Night of Fun

Yipee..... it is Friday!!!!

I got off work today at 2 PM and went for a 3 mile run! It is so beautiful outside with not a cloud in the sky!

So, where are we off to for our fun filled Friday night? A Motley Crue concert! Talk about a blast from the past. I have my leg warmers dusted off and am getting my hair spiked now (just kidding!). Should be fun! Last I heard, Tommy Lee would be there as the drummer!

Have a good Friday night!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hi everyone- Sorry for taking forever to blog... Things have been absolutely nuts.

So, I had vacation time from Wed-Fri. I have decided that there is no such thing as vacation, but I have learned some tricks! Fill up your inbox beyond the quota and you can only receive emails on your BlackBerry and you can't send anything. The down side of it all..... there is a phone on it! Another lesson learned, go someplace where reception is not picked up! I am not sure where that is considering that no matter what country I have been in, my BlackBerry always works!!

So...... here is a recap!

Wednesday- We went to Austin and to San Marcos for lots of shopping!!! I just love the Kate Spade store, Neiman Marcus, L'Occitane and Ann Taylor.... Oh yes, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn!!! We all had a great time. Karen Jr. and I got tons of stuff, but daddy found nothing. Wed. was great.... they couldn't contact me as my inbox reached it's quota and I couldn't send out emails.

Thursday- Worked for about 8 hours throughout the day. But, I took Karen Jr and the neighbor girl to Mad Potter where we painted our own pottery, shopping at the Galleria and then for sushi at Azuma! I LOVE sushi. In fact, I have the local place programmed in my phone for to-go orders. Unfortunately, BlackBerry and phone worked!

Friday- Karen Jr. and I went all over. Central Market, McDonald's, Tuesday Morning, Oshman's, Paulie's for decorated sugar cookies and the Yoga store. Oh yes, we had a family dinner at the table and we played board games afterwards. It was really a lot of fun!!

Saturday- We went and saw 'She's The Man.' This was the cutest movie ever!!! I absolutely loved it! Where we went, it is called The Alamo Drafthouse. You sit in a movie theatre, but have a table in front of you. You can order food and drinks all through the movie!!

Sunday- Church and I worked for 14 hours.

Monday through today were absolutely horrible. I got to work each day at 6 AM only to leave at 1 AM each morning. I have been going off NO sleep. Literally, it has been horrible! Oh well, I got my project done and the load should lighten here... whatever! I always say that and have given up on that happening!!

Have a good evening everyone!!