Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Wonderful Saturday!

Yesterday was absolutely a fun day! I woke up at 4 and went to the airport and made it home from my RT flights around 2 PM. I stopped off at the Sonic after leaving the airport. Have you ever eaten at a Sonic before? It is so yummy! They have the best grilled cheese sandwich on Texas Toast. After that, Karen Jr and I went to look for her a swimsuit and running shoes. Well, we found a lot more than that! We bought two swimsuits, a pair of tennis shoes, a pair of Crocks and socks! She is set for summer.

Speaking of Crocks, I have never seen them before. Last weekend, Karen Jr and my mom were talking about them. Apparently, this is the NEW thing! They sure look comfortable to me.

Then, we went to my niece's high school graduation and her parents treated us all to Olive Garden. My belly was totally full afterwards!

We just put the brownies in the oven and then we are off to a neighbor's party. They just completely redecorated their downstairs - - granite, hardwood floors, bathrooms and everything! I must be honest.... I cleaned my house so well this morning. You see, I knew what would happen. I would go over there and then come home and wish I had new stuff.... So, I am at least coming home to a VERY clean home!!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Four Day Weekend!!

Yeah, it is a four day weekend! I am so excited that it is finally here! So, what all am I going to do during the four days?

Friday - Fly to Austin for 2 hours to turn around and come back home, go see Billy at work, get Karen Jr. a new swimsuit and go to my niece's high school graduation.

Saturday - Get a tan at our gym that has an outdoor and indoor swimming pool with two huge curving waterslides and go to our neighbor's house for dinner. They just had their kitchen redone with granite, etc.

Sunday - Go to church and get a tan again (if I am not burned to a crisp!) and then go to my bosses' house for a pool party. No, I won't be in a swimsuit. There is just something odd about wearing a swimsuit around people you work with.... No thanks!

Monday - Hmmmmmmmmmmm..... not really sure!

Enjoy your evening and talk to you tomorrow!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A wonderful gourmet dinner!

I got a phone call this afternoon from my husband asking if I would be home around 7. I told him that I thought 7 would be reasonable. Of course, I had to ask.... why are you asking?! He said that he was cooking dinner. Wow! Cooking dinner on a 'school night' is virtually unheard of in our house. I asked him what we were having and he said: Rosemary lamb chops with a basalmic vinegar glaze and made from scratch mashed potatoes. That is like my FAVORITE meal! I hung up the phone thinking..... what anniversary have I totally forgotten about? All day, I just couldn't think of it.

I got home at 7:15 and he was already in the kitchen going to town! While he was cooking, I went in the bedroom and looked at the engagement card he and Karen Jr. gave me when we got engaged along with the roses and bears. I am glad I looked.... this is our engagement anniversary. I came out and told him thank you for the wonderful dinner on our engagement anniversary 2 years ago, etc. He looked at me like I was nuts as he didn't realize it was our engagement!!! He he he!!! Anyway, the dinner was fabulous and followed up nicely with Creme Brulee!

I hope everyone had a great day! By the way, the recipe came from a blog on the Houston Chronicle that he found today!

The picture above is from our engagement. You see, Karen Jr was about 7 at the time and she loved (still does!) going to Build-A-Bear Workshop. They went and got a cat that looked like Amber in a wedding dress(our cat), a dog named Wags in a tux (what we always said we would name a dog if we got one) and a small dog to represent Karen Jr. We were all covered!!! Boy, I sure was surprised!!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Man.... That was a long Friday/Weekend!

Just kidding. Hello everyone! I sure have missed you all! I am back from a 'hiatus' on lots of different things. After reflecting, blogging is one of the things that I enjoy most out of my day. But, I forced myself to take some time off.

To be honest, I am not sure what all I did during these last few weeks. I know a few things: lots of family time, lots of work and lots of trips to Calgary. But, my husband went with me on the last trip and that was lots of fun!

So, Billy (my husband) told me that I had gotten kind of in a 'rut' lately. He told me that I needed to read Jim's blog (yes, my husband has still been reading all of the blogs). He was really impressed with Jim writing 3 things that he is thankful for each day. I must admit, I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I wasn't sure if I really had 3 NEW things to say each day. But, that forced me to really step back and look at my day and truly 'take it in' rather then it taking me in!!!

Well, I AM BACK! I can't wait to go out and read everyone's blog and catch-up! I sure have missed everyone.