Thursday, June 08, 2006

Life With No Sleep

I would love to read a study about sleep-deprived individuals. I think our house fits within that category!

We each got 2 hours of sleep last night! You see, I didn't get back from Traverse City (which is so beautiful!!!) until 10 PM. Then, Karen Jr. was so excited for us to go on our trip to Manhattan. So, she took her shower and then I took a shower (after riding in the plane all day - yucky!). Apparently, she had been chomping at the bit to pack all day. We started packing her suitcase at 11 PM. We weren't just packing for this trip, we were also packing for Bentwater! We were finished packing her all up around midnight. I gave up on trying to figure out what to put in her carry-on and that is where Billy stepped-in to guide the packing. I had to unpack my suitcase just to repack my suitcase. I was done packing around 1 AM and then was so awake that I didn't fall asleep until after 2 AM. Wouldn't be so bad, but we the alarm went off at 4 AM so that we could leave the house by 5 AM.

You will never believe this, we were actually sitting in the Prius and backing up at 4:59 AM out of the driveway! That NEVER happens in our house ( or not with two girls about to leave for NYC). Karen Jr. woke up to her alarm and had her clothes on, teeth brushed and hair pulled back before I even thought it was time to go get her!! She told us that she hadn't slept at all and I know that is true as I heard her in the room talking to her stuffed animals or playing tic-tac-toe in the air with them!! Amazingly, they win sometimes at the game :-)

We got to the airport just fine. She is eating Wendy's and I just had a bagel from the President's Club.... we are chilling and watching the planes land and take off out our prime window view!!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in NYC!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Will I Crack Under the Pressure?

Well, I made it! I have had a crazy week and it is only Wednesday (12:28).

- Yesterday, I gave a two hour speech in front of 150 people.
- Today, I worked non-stop from 8 AM until 2 PM. You see, I had a 4 PM flight from Houston to Detroit and then on to Traverse City, Michigan. I am a lot like my dad as I believe you should be to the airport at least 2 hours early. Well, I wasn't even leaving work until 2 hours before my flight! I made it to the gate in the early stages of boarding! I had a 2 hour layover in Detroit (The NWA World Traveler Club is really nice) and then on to my flight for Traverse City. I arrived at my hotel at 11:53 PM. This has been a very long day!

So, how will I possibly crack under pressure? I flew all the way up here for a two hour meeting on Wed. and then will fly home and arrive at my house around 10 PM. Well, Karen Jr. and I are leaving the next morning (Thursday) at 8 AM for a long weekend in Manhattan!!! As she told Billy, "Can you say Bankrupt?" He doesn't trust us on our own.... boy is that the wrong place to send us alone or what? Well, I have a presentation due on Monday at 8 AM. Not just any presentation, a 15 slide presentation and won't have any information until after my meetings tomorrow.... how much work can I get done on the plane home and the plane up to NYC? I sure hope a lot as I WANT/NEED a Vacation!!!

Hopefully, I will post tomorrow on what Traverse City is like!!